Wood Collage
A series of assemblage / collage 'paintings' celebrating the resulting textures, patterns, and color variabilities inherent in the material and created during the dyeing and selection process.  
The climax of this, ultimately organizing and rearranging similarly sized wood 'chips' into comfortable and color appropriate patterns is preceded by the creation of the 'paint' - a diverse color palette of wood pieces.  Full sheets of plywood are cut down, dyed, sanded, finished, carefully selected, and pared down again to a series of common sizes.   Through this process, the color properties, interesting qualities, unique grain anomalies, directions, 
and textures are considered and highlighted. 
The resulting images capture these heralded moments, the contrasting feeling and developing stories inherent in our continual destruction, parsing, and reconnecting of wood - trees - nature - earth.
Several pieces available - as well as custom work.  Please contact us with inquiries.
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Please contact us for custom inquiries.

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